mr. Björn van Eijk
mr. Björn van Eijk


Björn van Eijk LL.M.

Björn is renowned for being tenacious, clear, succinct and straightforward, specialising in construction law and real estate.

His clientele includes contractors (including civil engineers), installation companies, project developers, municipalities, architects, construction consultants and sports companies.

Björn has extensive experience in the preparation of complex real estate contracts. These include construction contracts, leases and operating agreements. He has extensive Commercial contract experience and his extensive knowledge of liability law is a significant advantage.

He is a born trial lawyer. Whether the proceedings are before the civil court, the Council of State or the Arbitration Board with Björn as your advocate you can be assured of the optimum legal assistance. Björn is a member of the Association for Construction Law Attorneys. He is a member of the Supervisory Board of Arts Centre Foundation ‘Het Klooster’ and he is also a member of the Advisory Board of Woerden Sport.

For recreation Björn likes to cycle and plays the saxophone.

Björn: +31 (0)6 - 5171 6418
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mr. Toine Hitzert
mr. Toine Hitzert


Toine Hitzert LL.M.

Toine is a highly driven lawyer specialising in the field of corporate law and contracts. Curious and tenacious are terms that characterize him.

Toine advises on high-profile acquisitions and mergers. He also draws up a wide range of commercial contracts. Always with an eye for detail and the client’s specific situation and requirements. Toine is a fanatical trial lawyer with detailed knowledge of the rights of seizure and execution law, he regularly publishes articles on the subjects.

His clientele includes entrepreneurs operating in the ICT, metal and automotive industries, security and technical installation companies.

Toine was the Chairman of ZOOOM, freelance collective of Woerden, Harmelen, Kamerik and Zegveld. ZOOOM represents the interests of its members, and frequently organises informative meetings. In addition, Toine is active within EuroCollectNet, regularly visiting international conferences, maintaining contacts with European colleagues.

Photography and cycling are Toine’s hobby’s.

Toine: +31 (0)6 - 4683 2444
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mr. Stella Willebrands
mr. Stella Willebrands


Stella Willebrands LL.M.

Stella stands her ground next to the men of Mistral Advocaten. Labour law is her primary passion.

A strategist and single-minded specialist, pragmatic and determined. Whether it concerns reorganization, proceedings, or the negotiation of a social plan; Stella knows her way around and will reach the goal set before her.

Acquisitions do not have any secrets for Stella, from performing thorough due diligence labour law research, to drawing up sophisticated provisions with respect to staffing; Stella is the ideal advocate.

Stella's clients are mainly active in the construction and engineering businesses. With extensive knowledge and experience gained outside this range of expertise, as a lawyer within the Royal Book Sales Union and as policy advisor to the CNV Trade Union of Education she has acquired experience in the area of media and education.

Stella is a member of the Association for labour legislation. She is also affiliated with the network of BNI Emerald in Amersfoort.

Stella is actively involved in the participation council of the school attended by her children.

Stella : +31 (0)6 – 2443 0993
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drs. Patrick Verdoold
drs. Patrick Verdoold


Patrick Verdoold M.A.

Patrick Verdoold is an all-round business consultant with sales and financial roots.

Patrick has advised numerous entrepreneurs during his career. More often than not an investment or financing has formed the basis for his involvement, his many years with the Rabobank proving very useful in this respect. His counselling always allows for both entrepreneurial ambition and reality.

As an independent entrepreneur himself, Patrick speaks your language and has first hand knowledge of your problems. This can be managed via one-time counselling or for an agreed period of time.

In his spare time Patrick is active on the board of the Soccer Club Sportslust '46 in Woerden. In addition, he likes to cycle. In 2018 he will once again take part in the Alpe D'HuZes tour.

Patrick: +31 (0)6 – 2877 2611
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mr. Mickel de Knegt
mr. Mickel de Knegt


Mikel de Knegt LL.M.

Mikel is a widely experienced mediator and lawyer, who believes that many conflicts can be resolved better, faster and cheaper through mediation.

Mikel is known, as you would expect, for his listening skills, integrity and goal-driven orientation. Under his leadership most differences are solved quickly and amicably. Mikel’s legal background enables him to clearly express the final agreements in writing.

The examples of cases in which mediation has made the difference are many and various and include labour disputes, disagreements regarding commercial contracts or disputes between shareholders. Mikel gladly explains all the available possible options.

Sometimes litigation is simply not the best route; offering the possibility of mediation enables Mistral Advocaten to better service their client’s requirements.

In his spare time Mikel enjoys running long distances and backpacking in the mountains.

Mikel: +31 (0)6 - 2496 5485
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