You do business and your staff gets the job done. Having good and well-motivated staff is essential. Employee welfare is a continuous investment. What binds and excites the employee, and which employment conditions fit the bill, need to be professionally managed, Mistral Advocaten can advise on this matter.

What space do you need to manage your organization and keep it manoeuvrable? Mistral Advocaten advises and negotiates with the Works Council about human resource regulations, with the trade unions about a social plan or CBA, thereby avoiding common mistakes, like using a dated employment contract or a very vague personnel manual.

Employment law is very dynamic. If not managed effectively sooner or later this leads to problems. Tailored employment contracts and a sophisticated staff manual prevents potential problem.

Difficult work relations, reorganizations and saying goodbye are never pleasant, but sometimes necessary. Mistral Advocten provides a fast and cost effective system for managing these difficulties. Ex-employees that leave with your valuable intellectual property?

Clear non-disclosure and non-competition terms, are essential to protect your business. Mistral Advocaten devise severance contracts to manage the security of your commercial data. Mistral Advocaten forces fulfilment and recounts the damage.

Do you work with self-employed personnel? Mistral Advocaten provides workable agreements that have been approved by the tax authorities.

Our approach is clear, comprehensible and solid.

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