Entrepreneurship, is in your blood. Entrepreneurship means taking risks and grasping opportunities. Persevering where others give in. This requires courage and a partner who shares your vision. Mistral Advocaten is that sparring partner.

Mistral Advocaten exists exclusively for the entrepreneur. For each challenge there is an approach and for each problem there is a solution. The lawyers of Mistral Advocaten ensure the right course.

Bloom and grow, that's your goal. By avoiding legal pitfalls and covering legal risks, Mistral Advocaten ensures you can achieve your business objectives.

Sometimes an acquisition or the sale of a business unit can contribute. Mistral Advocaten is standing by to assist.

With careful due diligence the risks and opportunities are mapped out. With sophisticated contracts your interests will be safeguarded. Entrepreneurship is a case of trial and error. Entrepreneurs in financial difficulty can also always rely on Mistral Advocaten. The specialists of Mistral Advocaten are experienced curators and know like no other what the do's and don'ts of an entrepreneurial enterprise are. After an inventory of the financial problems (usually in collaboration with an accountant) a plan is drafted. In this manner it is often possible to avoid bankruptcy.

You aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Obviously you expect your customer to pay your invoice. When the latter fails, Mistral Advocaten takes care of the collection of your claim, quickly and effectively.

Also in event of insurance claims Mistral Advocaten is the right choice. A smooth and efficient settlement is crucial in order for you to concentrate on your business activities.

Our solutions are clear, comprehensive and solid.

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