As an entrepreneur you make agreements on an ongoing basis. Keeping a good record of those agreements is of critical importance, thereby preventing misunderstandings. Mistral Advocaten drafts all commercial contracts that are of importance.

The agreements of Mistral Advocaten are always seamlessly in keeping with your line of business and are characterized by their plain, easily understood language.

This way it is clear to all what the rules of the game are. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur, you cannot do without a good set of general terms and conditions which incorporate both payment and delivery conditions.

Having creative contracts and general terms and conditions is one thing, proper use is another. Mistral Advocaten always provides you with a clear explanation and training in "drafting contracts". All contractual do's and don'ts will be presented and clarified.

A deal is a deal. It all seems as clear as a bell. However, in practice, it can be rather more difficult if agreements are not respected, Mistral Advocaten will manage all aspects of contracts on your behalf. With a well thought-out plan and, if necessary, a legal proceeding Mistral Advocaten will draw up and manage contracts on your behalf.

Our contracts are clear, comprehensible and solid.

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