Mistral Advocaten focuse mainly on the Real Estate and Technology Industry. We are familiar with your line of business.

Our customers are active in ICT, metal and the automotive industry, electrical engineering, security and in installation techniques.

Projects obviously differ from one to the other. Clients and contractors must work together to ensure the success of a project. The interests of these parties sometimes run synchronously but more often than not are unsynchronised. Our art lies in ensuring synchronisation, with everyone reading and understanding the same page.  Mistral Advocaten have mastered this art.

You do not need discussions. Clear contracts are the essential remedy. Only in this manner can the common goal (a good and timely delivery of the project) be reached. Mistral Advocaten are practised at drawing up these conventions for you.


Simply legal know-how is not enough. A wider view is required. That is why Mistral Advocaten co-operates closely with a permanent team of technical specialists  and tax experts. Together we accomplish more.

If we cannot solve a problem out of court, then going to court or an arbitrator, can be a solution. At which time the years of process experience of Mistral Advocaten are indispensable.

As an entrepreneur in the technology business you are faced with rules and regulations from administrative law and the requirement of permits and licences. The specialists of Mistral Advocaten will guide you through these procedures.

Governments (including municipalities) and entrepreneurs in the public sector have therefore come to the right place when referring to Mistral Advocaten.

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